Christmas Party 16th December 2016


Results and Records from The Kay Clarke Gala 03/12/16

Here are the results and records from The Kay Clarke Invitation Gala on 3rd December 2016  (PDF format). Well done everyone!



Also congratulations to all those who swam in the gala and a special mention to the following swimmers who set new meeting records:

Ahmed Saidani

Helen Fulleylove

Lisa Haydon

Phoebe Tully (2)

Leanne Gardner (2)

The raffle on the day, raised a fantastic total of £76.50 for club funds. Thank you to everyone for their kind donations and to everyone who bought a ticket.




News from 2nd December 2016

Zac Daffern was awarded a Good Work certificate on 2nd December for excellent progress.
Good luck to all members swimming in the gala tomorrow.

Webb Ivory Tell Us Your Story Competition Winners!

A little while ago, Marie entered a competition through Webb Ivory, called “Tell us your story”, asking how the money raised from the Webb Ivory Catalogues, was used to support the club. Marie explained the history of the club, wrote about our club running expenses and mentioned our invitation gala on 3rd December, which we are currently fundraising for. I’m happy to say we have won £25 for club funds. You can read the letter below


Kay Clarke Gala 3rd December 2016 Programme

Here is the programme for the Kay Clarke Gala 2016, for next Saturday. If you would like your own copy, please print one off. Could any raffle prizes please go to Ali Clarke, or Claire and Chris Markham, who will be running the raffle on the day.


Hopefully the small pool gala, will be next Friday 2nd December



Bedworth Team Relay Teams for Kay Clarke Gala 2016

Here is the list of relay swimmers for the Bedworth Team for the Kay Clarke Gala next week. The completed programme for the gala has a few amendments and alterations to be made, but will be on the website as soon as it is complete.




News from 25/11/16

Congratulations to Daniel Hodge who has completed his National Plan Stage 4. Aidan Tully improved to 200m in a 10 minute stamina swim. 

Phoebe Tully swam 225m and Jarvis Belford swam 270m. William Newton improved to 331m. Well done to all.


NASCH Finals Gala, Leamington, 5th November 2016, Region 8 Results

Here are the Region 8 results for the NASCH Finals Gala held in Leamington on 5th November 2016. Well done everyone!


Junior Gala
Lara Kaiser 25m 34.25 3rd
Jamie Kilner 25m 36.56 6th (repositioned as swam superfast)
Lara Kaiser 50m 2.05.00 2nd
George Allen 50m   57.06 2nd
Phoebe Tully 100m 2.36.63 3rd  (repositioned as swam superfast)
William Newton 100m 2.35.38 6th (repositioned as swam superfast)
Aidan Tully

Phoebe Tully

William Newton

3 x 25m


1.52.69 1st         (Trophy)
Senior Gala
Sorcha Cannon 25m 40.31 6th (repositioned as swam superfast)
Daniel Hodge

Swam for Laurence who arrived a bit later

25m 53.31 DQ – no reason given
Sonia Kelly 50m 57.00 1st      (Trophy)
Daniel Hodge


50m H 1.22.57

F 1.08.00

1st in heat

6th in final (repositioned as swam superfast)

Helen Fulleylove 100m 2.03.00 1st        (Trophy)
Ahmed Saidani 100m H 3.13.81

F 3.05.93

1st in heat

6th in final (repositioned as swam superfast)

Sonia Kelly

Helen Fulleylove

Sheena Baird



1.25.81 1st       (Trophy missing)
Daniel Hodge

Ahmed Saidani

Laurence Walwyn



2.09.00 DQ – no reason given


Well done all!



News From 18th November 2016

The small pool club gala will be held next Friday (25th).

Congratulations to the following:

William Newton   1000m certificate

Aidan Tully          400m badge and certificate

Leanne Gardner    National Plan Stage 6

James Mumford    National Plan Stage 1

Wayne Southall     National Plan Stage 1

Daniel Fulleylove  National Plan Stage 1

News from 11th November 2016

Congratulations to Jarvis Belford (100m) and Phoebe Tully (800m) on their latest badges and certificates.

Please could all trophies from the NASCH gala and the annual trophies for the presentation evening be returned to Sheila for engraving.

This is a last reminder for entries for our gala on 3rd December.