EasyFundraising and Raffle News

Between July to September 2016. a total of £20.38 was raised for club funds, through EasyFundraising. Thank you to everyone who has helped us to raise this.

The raffle that was held during the Christmas party has raised £24.40 for club funds. Thank you!

News from 5th January 2017

Congratulations to Phoebe Tully on swimming 1000m for her certificate and also to Joshua Clarke who has completed his National Plan Stage 1. Well done for claiming the first awards of 2017.



News from 23rd December 2016

As it was a quiet session on 23rd December, there was an opportunity for swimmers to tackle longer distances with a lane to themselves. Daniel Hodge swam 800m for his badge and certificate and then went on to complete 1000m for his special certificate. Daniel Fulleylove completed his National Plan Stage 3 and then swam 50m for his badge and certificate,  while his older brother Ryan was swimming for his 1Mile badge with William Newton. Congratulations to all four swimmers.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone.


Main Pool Club Championships 2016

Main Pool Club Championships 2016

Results extracted from Kay Clarke Gala

Swimmers have been allocated to the groups that they would have been in if the gala had taken place separately.

Main Pool Result 2016

There were some championship medals won by swimmers unable to attend the party – Sonia Kelly, Peter Markham and Ahmed Saidani.

Also a volunteer certificate for Berthany Kelly. See Sheila to collect.

Winners of the club trophies were

Kevin Whitmore Trophy Jarvis Belford

Colin Bunn Trophy        Helen Fulleylove

Lions Club Gala Trophy  Daniel Hodge

Well done everyone!



News from 16th December 2016

Congratulations to Ahmed Saidani who improved his 10 minute test to 260m despite getting cramp near the end.

Also to Gurvinder Garcha for gaining his 800m badge and certificate.

The pool will be open for our club session on 23rd December, but CLOSED ON 30TH DECEMBER.


News from 9th December 2016

Congratulations to Daniel Fulleylove who has completed his National Plan Stage 2.

Ryan Fulleylove and Leanne Gardner both swam 1000m for their certificates. Well done, both of you!

Some swimmers tried their 10 minute stamina test and Daniel Hodge was successful in beating his previous best distance. He has a new best of 249m. Aidan Tully was extremely close.

It is obviously not a good time of year for the small pool gala as there is too much going on. Nathan Peron was the only junior swimmer in the small pool and he has been working well recently. He swam the length of the small pool with Cas for his championship gold medal. Well done, Nathan.

The timing of the club galas (not the Kay Clarke Invitation Gala) is on the agenda for the next committee meeting so if anyone has any thoughts –  let one of the committee know. Maybe February?

 Happy 16th birthday to Gurvinder Garcha and happy 40th birthday to Chris Lanwarne on 13th. Milestones for both of you!


Christmas Party 16th December 2016


Results and Records from The Kay Clarke Gala 03/12/16

Here are the results and records from The Kay Clarke Invitation Gala on 3rd December 2016  (PDF format). Well done everyone!



Also congratulations to all those who swam in the gala and a special mention to the following swimmers who set new meeting records:

Ahmed Saidani

Helen Fulleylove

Lisa Haydon

Phoebe Tully (2)

Leanne Gardner (2)

The raffle on the day, raised a fantastic total of £76.50 for club funds. Thank you to everyone for their kind donations and to everyone who bought a ticket.




News from 2nd December 2016

Zac Daffern was awarded a Good Work certificate on 2nd December for excellent progress.
Good luck to all members swimming in the gala tomorrow.

Webb Ivory Tell Us Your Story Competition Winners!

A little while ago, Marie entered a competition through Webb Ivory, called “Tell us your story”, asking how the money raised from the Webb Ivory Catalogues, was used to support the club. Marie explained the history of the club, wrote about our club running expenses and mentioned our invitation gala on 3rd December, which we are currently fundraising for. I’m happy to say we have won £25 for club funds. You can read the letter below