Fundraising News


The raffle held on 17th November 2018, at the Kay Clarke Gala raised £59.00 for club funds.

Donations given to the club at the gala totalled £21.00



To date (March 2019), sales of tickets for the Borough Lottery, have raised £145.00 for club funds. For more information about the lottery, please see the poster below, or click on this link


During the third quarter of 2018, (July to September) £20.15 was raised for club funds through EasyFundraising.

During the fourth quarter of 2018, (October to December) £25.71 was raised for club funds through EasyFundraising.

The total raised through EasyFundraising in 2018, was £117.42.

Our EasyFundraising grand total to date, currently stands at £900.48, so we have broken the £900 barrier!

For more information on EasyFundraising, please visit


Thank you to everyone who has helped us to fundraise for our club.



News from 22nd March 2019

Congratulations to Kyle Wagstaff and Matthew Sloan on completion of their National Plan Stage 5.

News From 1st March 2019

Well done to Esme Woollaston who completed Stage 4 of the National Plan on 1st March 2019.

Nuneaton and Bedworth Sports Forum Awards 2019

Congratulations to all the award winners from the Sports Forum presentations on Friday 22nd February:

Elliot Morrison  Disabled Sports Personality Award.

Grace and Anya Runners-up Volunteer Award.

Matthew Sloan  Junior Achievement Award.

William Newton Development Grant.

News From 22nd February 2019

Well done to Daniel Hodge who achieved a new 10 minute Stamina test distance of 250m on 22nd February 2019. Congratulations also to Oliver Ingram who swam 400m for his badge and certificate.

News From 15th February 2019

Congratulations to Elliot Morrison who has completed his National Plan Stage 5 on 15th February 2019.

News From 8th February 2019

Congratulations to all the swimmers who have completed awards this week: William Sherwood swam 10 metres in the main pool for his certificate and badge. William Newton completed his National Plan Stage 8.

Six swimmers successfully improved their 10 Minute Stamina Tests – Oliver Ingram (214m), James Davies (237m), Aidan Tully(250m), Kyle Wagstaffe (262m), Tommy Harris (275m) and Elliot Morrison (312m).

News from 1st February 2019

Congratulations to Youssef Woodiwiss who has been awarded an ‘I Can Swim’ certificate.

Congratulations also to William Newton who has completed his National Plan Stage 7.

Sports Forum Awards

Congratulations to the following who have been invited to attend the Sports Forum Awards evening on Friday 22nd February:
Anya and Grace  Nominated for volunteer              awards
Elliot  Nominated for Junior Sportsperson
William  Nominated for Development Grant
Good luck to all.

News From 18th January 2019

Congratulations to Adam Gardner who has completed his first badge -NASCH 1.
Sheila would like the club trophies in for engraving please (The Kevin Whitmore Trophy, The Colin Bunn Trophy and The Gala Trophy). Thank you.