The Kevin Whitmore Trophy

Presented in memory of a courageous junior member who survived a liver transplant until the age of 12. Awarded annually for junior and senior endeavour until 2004 when the Colin Bunn Trophy became the senior award. Awarded annually from 2004 for junior endeavour.

2023Kacie Mitchell
2022Youssef Woodiwiss
2021Not awarded due to Covid.
2020Not awarded due to covid.
2019Phoebe Tully
2018Quinn Woollaston
2017Matthew Sloan
2016Jarvis Belford
2015Aidan Tully
2014William Newton
2013Leanne Gardner
2012Bethany Kelly
2011Gurvinder Garcha
2010Ashley Campbell-Barker
2009Thomas Slater
2008Peter Wolffsohn
2007Daniel Hodge
2006Shannon Hearn
2005Megan Preston
2004Stefan McFeely
2003Kieran Wilson
2002Rebecca Viner
2001Victor Palmer
2000James Askew
1999Marie Clarke
1998Lewis Kirkham