News From 5th April 2024

Everyone at swimming club sends love and best wishes to Barbara for a speedy return to health and poolside.

Lacey Conlon swam 25m for a badge and certificate. Lacey Conlon and Jay Ellis completed Water Safety Level 1. Malachi James was awarded a Good Work certificate. Congratulations to all.

News From 22nd March 2024

Congratulations to Braiden Hooper who swam 50m for his badge and certificate and also completed his Water Safety Level 1 award.

Welcome to new member Lucas Brookes.

A reminder that there is no swimming next week as the pool closes at 7pm on Good Friday.

A date for the diary: Bedworth gala 28th September 2024.

News From 15th March 2024.

News for 15th March

Congratulations to Braiden Hooper who swam 25m for his badge and certificate.

Welcome to new member Torie  Conlon.

Tho pool and the club are  both running at maximum capacity. Three swimmers were turned away by reception today as a result. In order to help manage the numbers please could you

1. Do not book in unless you are intending to swim and go in the water. Carers and teachers who are not swimming do not need to book in. The gate will be opened for you. The pool reported that there are people who book in every week and never turn up. This is a fault of the system and there is nothing we can do about it. 

2. If you are a teacher, parent or carer who is swimming then you do need to book in please.

3. Make sure that you book in online to guarantee your swim, but don’t forget to cancel if you are not swimming.

4. Make sure you arrive on time to avoid disappointment. 

As usual, the pool will close early on Good Friday, 29th March therefore there is no session for us that evening.

News From 8th March 2024

Happy 40th birthday to Hayley.

Congratulations to Adam Gardner who swam 10m for his badge and certificate.

Well done to swimmers who improved their  distance in a 10 minute timed swim:

Shane Clark       93m

Ella Newitt       175m

Lacey Conlon  187m

Kacie Mitchell 200m

News From 1st March 2024

Congratulations to Oliver Mair and Ralphie Palmer who both swam 10m for a badge and certificate.
Josh, Sam, Matthew L., Matt S., Chloe, Beth, Shane, Amos, Daniel and Lacey all swam best times in a few training time trials.
There are now 15 entries for Rugby.
Welcome to new member Shane Clark.

News From 23rd February 2024

Congratulations to Braiden Hooper who swam 10m for his badge and certificate.
Lily Whitehead was presented with her club t-shirt for regular attendance.
Welcome to new members Ralphie Palmer, Emmie Palmer and Lacey Conlon.
Reminder that entries for Rugby Sports Day close next week.

News From 16th February 2024

On 16th February Ella Newitt and Chloe Lawrence set new distances for their 10 minute timed swims. Congratulations to Lily Whitehead who swam 25m for a badge and certificate.

News From 9th February 2024

On 9th February, Lily Whitehead swam 10m for her badge and certificate. Braiden Hooper completed his National Plan Stage 2. Meanwhile all our competitive swimmers were swimming time checks for the Rugby Gala. We have a team of 13 individual swimmers at present and 3 relay teams. Entries, with times, have to be in by the end of the month.

News From 2nd February 2024

Congratulations to all the swimmers who have completed National Plan Stage awards this week:
Stage 1 Braiden Hooper
Stage 2 Oliver Mair and Lily-Mae Whitehead
Stage 5 Beth Evans, Daniel Hodge and Sam Lamb
Stage 9 Josh Bailey
Welcome to new member Braiden Hooper
Reminder that the Rugby Games is a whole day of sport. Entries are welcome from members who want to swim and also anyone who would prefer to stay dry! The swimming is in the afternoon, but there are other activities at the same time. Ask on poolside for more information.

News From 26th January 2024

Congratulations to Eli Marsden who swam 25m for his badge and certificate. Also Oliver Mair who completed National Plan Stage 1 and Jay Ellis who completed National Plan Stage 4.
Welcome to new members Kyllian Paddock and Oliver Mair.
Entry forms for the Rugby Games are available on poolside.