Updated Swimmer Speed Rankings November 2021

Speed swimmer rankings, updated November 2021.

Swimmer speed rankings Nov2021


Congratulations to the Cox Family

Congratulations to the Cox family who welcomed a beautiful baby girl into their family last week and brought her along to meet everyone on 12th November.

News From 5th November 2021

Double congratulations to Sam Dodge who swam 10m for his badge and certificate as well as completing his National Plan Stage 2 certificate.
Well done to all the swimmers who beat their best times for 100m freestyle – Elliot Morrison, Gurvinder Garcha, Chloe Lawrence, Seth Naylor and Daniel Hodge. Star of the week was Elliot who sliced 34 seconds off his time. Those swimmers who didn’t quite beat their personal bests all got within 3 seconds of it. Brilliant swimming.

News From 29/10/21

Congratulations to swimmers who beat their 10 minute timed swim distances for certificates
Chloe Lawrence completed 240m
Aidan Tully completed 270m

News from 22nd October 2021

Congratulations to Seth Naylor and Elliot Morrison who completed their Silver Challenge awards on 22nd October.
Thank you to William Newton and family who donated some flippers to club equipment.

News From 15th October 2021

Congratulations to Stevie Lawrence who swam 5m for his badge and certificate on 15th October.
Work has started to upgrade the showers and toilets in the pool changing rooms. The easiest way round this is to arrive ready to swim and leave your clothes on poolside. At 8pm the dry changing area next to the small pool is quiet and there is plenty of room to shower and change.
Everyone seemed to manage these temporary arrangements this evening.

News from 8th October 2021 and Changing Room Refurbishment

Congratulations to Josh Bailey who completed his Silver Challenge Award on 8th October. Adam Gardner, Delilah Jankowska and Marsha Marshall all completed Stage 1 of the National Plan for Swimming. Well done to all.

Changing Room Refurbishment.

As per the poster

From Monday 11th October, the toilets and showers in the pool changing room will be closed for refurbishment for 6-8 weeks. The changing area will still be open.

The dry/gym changing rooms will be available for shower and toilet usage after your swim.

At the moment we don’t know if the poolside changing room will be affected.

Booking A Disabled Swimming Session Online

Due to a recent new booking in system at the leisure centre, it may be easier to book your session online, so that when you arrive, you should be able to scan your card to get through the barrier, hopefully helping to reduce the queue at reception. Sometimes it does take a few attempts for your card to scan, so please be patient.

The following instructions are for Everyone Active Passport to Leisure cardholders. If you don’t have one, or would like to know if you are eligible for one, you can find the details here:


To book your swimming session online:

Go to the Everyone Active website here:


Register your account and password if you don’t already have one.

Making sure you have selected Bedworth Leisure Centre, from the drop down menu in the top right hand corner, select Book/Pay.

You can then find the Disabled Swimming Session by searching by date and then book in. Please note, the small pool (training pool) and the main pool each have their own option on the menu to book in.

Hopefully, by pre booking, scanning your card when you arrive will let you through the barriers. If you are a carer, please bear with us, we need to double check how to book you in. Hopefully some of you will find this information helpful.

News from 17th September 2021

Sam Dodge swam 5m for his badge and certificate. Stevie Lawrence completed all the skills for his National Plan Level 1 Award. Congratulations to both swimmers.

News from 10th September 2021

Congratulations to Seth Naylor who has qualified for his club t-shirt for regular attendance.