News From 22 September 2023

Well done to Jay Ellis and Kacie Mitchell, who qualified for their club T shirts this week for regular attendance.

Joseph / Josef completed his National Plan Stage 1. Congratulations, but we need your membership form and details to be able to issue a certificate.

The programme for tomorrow’s gala is attached in two formats.

We have three 4 x 50m relay teams as follows:

Team A                 Leg 1      Sonia Kelly

                                Leg 2      William Newton

                                Leg 3      Matthew Lewis

                                Leg 4      Josh Bailey

Team B                 Leg 1      Beth Evans

                                Leg 2      Sam Lamb

                                Leg 3      Seth Naylor

                                Leg 4      Gurvinder Garcha

Team A                 Leg 1      Chris Lanwarne

                                Leg 2      Chloe Lawrence

                                Leg 3      Marsha Marshall

                                Leg 4      Daniel Hodge

The pool are opening the cafeteria for our competitors and guests.

Good luck to all our swimmers.

Don’t forget your tickets for the tombola.

V4 Programme without entry times 2023 2