Think Active Moving Stories.

A message from Think Active.

I’m excited to tell you that we’re launching our FIRST campaign which speaks DIRECTLY to the communities in our areas, by inspiring as many people as we can, with human stories that show how physical activity has positively change their everyday lives.

We’re looking for a diverse collection of REAL people, who we hope will share their ‘MOVING STORIES’ to motivate others to be more active in any way they are able.

Has anything happened in your life that inspired you to be more physically active? Whatever your age, gender, ability or 
background, THINK ACTIVE would love to hear your story.  Maybe someone you know found a new pastime to help manage a health condition, or have you now found a new, welcoming community that improved your mental health? Get in touch with the team at THINKACTIVE via social, or at to share your story or to nominate someone who’s inspired you!

Thanks for your help on this exciting project.