News from 30th November 2018

Congratulations to William Sherwood, who was awarded a ‘Good Work’ Certificate on 30th November. The following swimmers achieved new best distances in their 10 minute tests:


Oliver Ingram                    200m

Quinn Woollaston            220m

Esme Woollaston             220m

Aidan Tully                        242m

William Newton                450m

Well done to all.


In July we applied for a WCC Councillors Grant towards the cost of the 2018 Kay Clarke Gala. We have now been awarded the grant and can use it to recover the money that we spent.

The Christmas Party is booked for 21st December. All swimmers are invited. Please bring a plate of food for sharing. Please see poster below

Our sprint night will be on 21st before the party.

Annual awards will be presented including the club trophies. Last year’s winners need to return their trophies. Thank you to Phoebe Tully for returning hers already. Phil King and Matthew Soan were the other winners. They can be returned on the night as long as they are clean.

Christmas Party Poster 2018