Tamworth Gala Results 2018

Well done to the Bedworth Team who took part in the gala at Tamworth on Saturday 19th May 2018.

Thank you to Sally Anne Tully for managing the team and for the results below. Thank you also to Anya, Barbara and Phoebe, who did a brilliant job of taking swimmers to and from their poolside lanes. A great team effort!

The results which Sally was able to get are:

50m freestyle =1.27.85
25m backstroke = 37.72
25m freestyle = 40.81

25m breaststroke = 27.65 1st place
25m backstroke = 30.22 1st place
25m freestyle = 25.72 1st place

25m breaststroke = 60.25 2nd place
25m backstroke = 37.61 1st place
25m freestyle = 38.22 3rd place

25m breaststroke = 37.25 1st place
25m backstroke = 55.18
25m freestyle = 40.51

25m breaststroke = 40.72
25m backstroke = (no time) 3rd place
25m freestyle = 46.94

Congratulations to all the swimmers and everyone on the team

UPDATE 25/5/18

Please see below the extracted results for the  Bedworth Team from the official Tamworth Gala results.

Results 2018