NASCH Gala Leamington 5th November 2016

We have received an invitation to the NASCH gala at Leamington. However, the following events have been allocated to Leamington Dolphins (yes, the ones that do not turn up)

Girls 1 length

Girls 2 lengths

Boys 1 length,

Girls 2 lengths

Ladies 1 length


That means that there are places (at the moment) for

Girls 4 lengths

Boys 4 lenghts

Junior 3 x 1 length


Ladies 2 lengths

Ladies 4 lengths

Ladies 3 x 1 length

Mens 4 lengths

Mens 1 length

Mens 2 lengths

Mens 4 lengths

Mens 3 x 1 length


Please can you let Sheila know if you would like to be considered for a place? It is on Bonfore night, 5th  November.

Thank you