News From 11th December 2015

Congratulations to three swimmers who completed distance awards on 11th December:

Aidan Tully        50m

Drew O’Connor   100m

William Newton  200m

Congratulations to Sheena Baird on her nomination for Swimming Teacher of the Year at the Pingles.

At the Christmas Party certificates were given out to swimmers who took part in the Kay Clarke Gala.

There were also certificates for

Caroline Williams              Volunteering in 2015

Bethany Kelly                   Volunteering in 2015

Joy Day                           Promoting the club in 2015

Marie Clarke                     Fundraising in 2015


Special awards went to

Mark Day                             NASCH Gala

Cole Lyson                           NASCH Gala


Trophies were presented to

William Newton               The Lions Club Gala Trophy

Aidan Tully                     Kevin Whitmore Junior Achievement Trophy

Ahmed Saidani                Colin Bunn Senior Achievement Trophy


And finally, to the delight of all the children, Santa dropped in to give out some early presents.

It was very kind of him.

There are a few photos in the gallery.

There is a swim next week (18th December) and then a break until 8th Januray.

Merry Christmas everyone and a happy new year.