Main Pool Results 27th April 2012

GOLD MEDAL                         SILVER MEDAL                    BRONZE MEDAL

Elle-May Dempsey 61.2*           Brooke Pollock 86.2*


Marie Clarke 40.6                      Kevin Rumble 57.9 *            Victor Palmer 68.7


Daniel Hodge 44.4                     Matthew Buckler 53.0*       Kieran McFarland 65.2*


Chris Lanwarne 46.2                  Kieran Villers 54.8              Stuart Croshaw 87.7*


Ashley Campbell-Barker 36.0      Edward Davis 36.0           Joshua McFarland 69.1* and Robert Burr 118.2*


Sonia Kelly 25.1                         Emma Wilson 30.4            Mark Day 30.5


Bethany Kelly 20.4*                   Thomas Slater 21.2*        Sheena Baird 24.3




The Bedworth Lions Trophy for the best performance of the competition (based on previous best performance) is awarded to Edward Davis. Edward improved from 55.0 seconds to 36.0 seconds. Well done to all swimmers.

The following swimmers have medals to collect on 9th May when Edward’s trophy will be presented

Victor Palmer

Stuart Croshaw

Kieran Villiers

Kieran McFarland

Joshua McFarland

Edward Davis

Robert Burr

Elle-May Dempsey