Raffle ticket winners

Bedworth Disabled Swimming club                             Raffle tickets drawn on 17th December 2010

Well done to all the winners and sincere thanks to all those who donated prizes.

Ticket colour No Ref  
Blue 163 Sarah Hayden  
Blue 121 Pete Carey  
Blue 125 Pete Carey Not taken
Pink 270 Thomas Slater  
Peach 363 Elle May Dempsey  
Yellow 38 Barbara Lanwarne  
Blue 119 Nicola White  
Blue 221 Julie Hodge  
Yellow 9 Sarah Campbell-Barker  
Yellow 17 Ted Reed  
Yellow 44 Chris Lanwarne  
Blue 144 Sharon Jordan  
Blue 148 Sarah Hayden  
Yellow 27 Barbara Lanwarne  
Pink 233 McFarland family  
Yellow 47 Chris Lanwarne  
Blue 136 Laura Bennett  
Blue 146 Sarah Hayden  
Yellow 42 Chris Lanwarne  
Peach 351 (21) Sheena Baird  
Pink 261 Elle May Dempsey  
Yellow 50 Chris Lanwarne  
Yellow 19 Ted Reed  
Blue 173 Sarah Hayden  
Blue 74   Marie’s book
Blue 78 MA Marie’s book
Blue 67   Marie’s book
Pink 238 Amina Malik  
Pink 253 Elle May Dempsey  
Peach 328 McFarland family