Fundraising – The Big Push for T-Shirts.

As some of you already know, for some time now, we have wanted to buy club t-shirts for all our members, which have our club logo on. We feel that this would be good idea for when we take part in galas and competitions, or if anybody would like to wear them during the club session.  As we have to rely on fundraising and donations to cover the costs of running the club, we have decided to do a BIG PUSH FOR T-SHIRTS so that we can raise the money to buy them. We would like every active member of the club to do a sponsored event and support us. It could be any sponsored event, from a sponsored swim to a sponsored silence, the choice is yours! Every penny counts!  We have a suggestion for a sponsored walk around the park. If you would be interested in taking part in this, please speak to Sheila Carey.

Sponsor forms are available to download from the link below, or from the noticeboard on display during the club session.  However, you should all be receiving a copy of the sponsor form from the committee shortly.

Many thanks for your support!

BIG PUSH Sponsor form