Hinckley Gala Results 25/09/2010

Jane Sharpe,  Masters,  25m Freestyle  47.80 PB,  50m Freestyle  Silver  1.32.78 PB

Helen Deakin,  Masters,  25m Backstroke  49.86,  50m Backstroke  Silver  1.40.54 PB,  25m Breaststroke 54.42 PB

Sheena Baird,  Masters,  25m Backstroke  Gold  27.86 PB,  25m Breaststroke  Gold 30.11,  25m Freestyle Gold 24.07 PB

Adam Lawrence,  Senior,  25m Freestyle 42.84,  50m Freestyle 1.45.31

Emma Wilson,  Senior,  25m Backstroke  Gold 33.62,  50m Backstroke  Silver 1.07.54,  25m Freestyle (BS)  Silver  30.37

Mark Day,  Intermediate,  25m Freestyle (BS)  Gold  30.58 PB,  25m Breaststroke  Bronze 29.80 PB,  50m Breaststroke  Bronze, 1.08.34  PB

Jordan Brace,  Youth,  25m Freestyle 56.65 PB

Paul Mckillop,  Youth,  25m Freestyle 29.70 PB

Thomas Slater,  Youth,  25m Backstroke  Silver 33.92 PB,  25m Breastroke  Silver 29.01,  50m Breaststroke  Gold 1.10.05

Joshua Brace,  Youth,  25m Breaststroke  Gold 27.86 PB,  25m Freestyle  Gold 17.05 PB,  50m Freestyle  Gold 40.17  PB

Gurvinder Garcha,  Junior,  25m Freestyle  Silver 1.07.99

Ashley Campbell-Barker,  Junior,  25m Backstroke  Gold 53.49 PB,  25m Breastroke  Gold  1.07.46  PB,  25m Freestyle  Gold 46.72  PB

Team “A” Emma, Thomas, Joshua,  3 x 25m Medley  Bronze  1.18.27

Team “B” Helen, Mark, Sheena,  3 x 25m Medley  1.43.24

Team “A” Emma, Joshua, Sheena, Thomas,  4 x 50m Freestyle  Bronze  4.07.85

Team “A” Emma, Joshua, Thomas, Mark and Ashley,  Raft race  2nd Place  39.80

Team “A” Mark, Sheena, Thomas, Joshua,  4 x 25m Freestyle  Gold  1.36.76

Team “B” Emma, Gurvinder, Ashley, Jordan,  4 x 25m Freestyle  3.30.53

Congratulations to every one of our team of 12 twelve swimmers. As well as being our best result ever in collecting 32 medals (16 gold, 7 silver and 9 bronze) there were 18 personal best times. It was really excellent to be competitive in the relays for the first time – even the raft race! Thank you everyone who supported the team and Gurvinder’s family for helping with transport. There are certificates from the organisers for all competitors and photographs will be uploaded to the website in due course.