Grand National Sweepstake

As part of a fundraising event, we have decided to run a sweepstake draw on the Grand National. Each ticket costs £1 and entitles the holder to a stake in a horse in the Grand National taking place on 10th April 2010.

The draw for a horse for each ticket holder will take place on Friday 9th April using the most up to date list available.

The draw will be published on this website.

The holder of the ticket for the first horse to finish will receive half of the money from the sale of the tickets. Please note this may or may not be the same as half the number of riders. The other half of the money received will be used to top up club funds.

Copies of the sweepstake tickets can be dowloaded by clicking on the link below.  Any completed slips with the £1 entries can be handed to any of the committee by 9th April 2010.

Good luck everyone!