Hinckley Gala Medal List 03/10/09

3rd October 2009 Hinckley Gala Medal List  and provisional times – placings to follow

Victor Palmer, Masters, 25m Freestyle, 1.11.42, 50m Freestyle,  2.25.48

Marie Clarke, Senior, Silver 50m Backstroke, 1.59.33, Silver 50m Freestyle 1.25.39?, Silver 25m Backstroke, 58.70.

Emma Wilson, Intermediate, Silver 50m Backstroke, 1.03.20, Bronze 50m Freestyle (bs) 1.05.80, Gold 25m Backstroke 27.45 (pb).

Kieran Wilson, Intermediate, 25m Freestyle, 32.74, 50m Freestyle, 1.21.02 (pb), Bronze 25m Backstroke, 47.91.

Jadene Ellis, Youth, Gold 25m Freestyle 48.87(pb), Gold 25m Backstroke 48.84 (pb).

Thomas Slater, Youth, Silver 25m Freestyle (br) 28.45 (pb), Bronze 50m Freestyle 1.05.95 (pb), Bronze 25m Backstroke 39.16 (pb).

Joshua Brace, Youth, Gold 25m Freestyle 19.70 (pb), Silver 50m Freestyle 45.09 (pb), Gold 25m Backstroke 30.43 (pb).

Ellis Ainslie-Huffer, Youth, 25m Freestyle 1.19.00 (pb), 50m Freesyle 2.43.89 (pb), 25m Backstroke 1.57.30 (pb).

Ashley Campbell-Barker Junior, Gold 25m Freestyle, Gold 50m Freestyle 2.21.71 (pb).

Swimming with Enterprise Club Coventry, Chris Lanwarne, Senior, Silver 25m Breaststroke 41.82, Bronze 25m Freestyle, 50m Freestyle 1.28.9

The 7 gold medals, 6 silver and 4 bronze adds up to a total of 17 ! 19 if we count Chris’s.

In addition the club contested all the relays and the raft race!

Very well done to all!