BDSC Sprint Gala Results March 2009

Small Pool Gala 20th March 2009

Gold Medal Winners:
Daniel Hodge 41.7, Peter Wolfshonn 66.0, Ella May Court 55.6.

Bronze Medal Winners:
Adam Smith, Jamie Browne, Elle-May Dempsey, Stacey Smith.

Helper (Certificate): 
Jacob Court 52.0.


Main Pool Gala 27th March 2009

Gold Medal                        Silver Medal                        Bronze Medal

Joshua Brace  24.1         Thomas Slater 28.8            James Askew 29.1

Kieran Wilson 32.2         Harry Potton 38.3              Archie Neil 44.6

Victor Palmer 65.5          Robert Goodman 80.0        Jordan Brace 59.3 DQ

Guest Certificates

Ben Slater 22.5

Lillian Neil 63.2

Katie Mae 71.9

The Bedworth Lions Trophy for the best performance of the competition (based on previous best performance) is awarded to Archie Neil. Well done to all swimmers.