Hinckley Gala 4th October 2008 Results

Hinckley Gala Results                       4th October 2008


Victor Palmer   25m Freestyle  82.85, 

                           50m Freestyle  148.61 pb



Kieran Wilson   25m Backstroke  44.74,

                           50m Backstroke  101.09, 

                           25m Freestyle  33.98



Marie Clarke  25m Backstroke  56.45, 

                        25m Freestyle  38.55

                        50m Freestyle  81.86  SILVER


James Askew  25m Backstroke  30.98, 

                          50m Backstroke  72.75 pb      BRONZE

                           25m Freestyle  31.73


Matthew Dodds  25m Backstroke  23.70 pb GOLD,  

                             25m Freestyle  18.86 pb GOLD,

                             50m Freestyle  44.86 pb GOLD



Congratulations to this small but very successful team.

Thank you to the team management – Marie Clarke, Helen Wilson, Kay Clarke and Barbara Lanwarne.